How To Play: Turn left/right by utilizing left/right arrow keys

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About Lazerdrive


It’s time to try out another awesome multiplayer game! Lazerdrive is a popular game online where you will direct a laser cell and roam around the map to conquer other players. You will join some of the battle locations and play against random players that come from around the world. Roam around the playfield and try to collect more bonuses to boost your strength. You need to delete the drawn location, reduce your speed or speed up and develop the possibilities to cause an enemy to hit the lines that you drew. Lazerdrive game is very addictive to play once joining, its gameplay is similar to another game called Curvefever. If you want to know how great your skill is, you can check out both of these games and earn new experiences for yourself. Your goal is to destroy the enemy’s life in the game while trying to protect yours. Enjoy your game now! Good luck!

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