How To Play: Control your kart by using the mouse or arrow keys. Click right mouse button to speed up. Click left mouse button for shooting.

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Show off your racing skills and try to take out other racers in Kartwars.io! This Multiplayer game gives you a chance to become the most professional racer. Take control of your car and drive it around the map in order to annihilate other enemies and protect yourself all the time. The opponent cars will move around and nearby you, so if a collision happens between you and a certain enemy, your car will get damaged, causing your game to be over easily. Also, you should stay away from the borders of the map, or else the crash will happen easily. Therefore, you need to avoid crashing into other enemies while driving. Remember to utilize some power-ups like a time bomb, or a lightning cloak because they will help you defeat the foes more easily. Be sure to collect and get more coins that are dispersing around the map. Gain more scores and get to the top of the leaderboard.

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