How To Play: Control your character around the map by using the mouse. Click LMB or key Q for aiming and hooking. You can detach the hook by clicking again. Use the RMB or key W to make a shield of blades which will slice the people. Press key E for special skill of your class, use keys 1234 to change the classes.

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It must be fun to use a deadly hook as your main weapon to kill all enemies in a wonderful IO game called Hookem.io! There are so many tough players that must be destroyed. You have to control your character around the arena and quickly hook your enemies as soon as you catch sight of them. Be sure to perform a lot of combos and excellent skills so you can get an edge over the opponents and have a higher chance to move up to the top rank on the leaderboard. There are four colored classes in the game, and you can change them if you ant. The red class gives you additional reach and you can fireball the enemies easily. The green class will bring you medium reach, and using this class will even help you slice the foes. For the blue class, you will be able to move at a faster speed as well as make a speed boost. The purple class is very small, so the enemies will find it very hard to hook this class. Also, you can totally teleport to detach any hooks and run away from the enemies easily. But make sure you have enough points switch between the classes! How long will you survive? Let’s enjoy free-for-all game now!

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