How To Play: Use the left mouse button to capture the hexagons. Place your turrets, towers by using the mouse.

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About Hexagor.io


Hexagor.io is a wonderful and addictive Multiplayer Strategy game that is free for all. You have a tiny home base which must be expanded and well protected through over time. To do so, you must take over a lot of land plots that are nearby your base. The more you capture, the larger your territory will become. However, your base is always at risk since the enemies never stop trying to attack you. The only thing you can do to secure it is to create some towers and turrets, then place them around the base. Nobody can intrude your territory, as well as they are unable to get you damaged. Just let your defensive weapons do their work, you should keep capturing more lands around, enlarge your base to the max so you can climb the leaderboard. Don’t forget to collect more resources which bring you a lot of supplies for your towers. Have fun, guys!

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