How To Play: Move with arrow keys Kick the ball with key X

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About Haxball


Prepare your sports skill then join an amazing multiplayer game called Haxball now! The game is considered as a wonderful combination of football and air-hockey. A huge fan of football games shouldn’t miss this Haxball game. It’s a real-time game, and it’s mostly based on teamwork, meaning you are supposed to team up with your members and try your best to defeat the opponent team. To do that, you must perform your skills, catch the ball, avoid the defenders and try to kick your ball into the rival net. Your objective is to score more goals and take down the enemy team. There are plenty of rooms for you to join, or you can even create your room and let other players join. The game can get you addicted because its gameplay is very awesome. Surely you will find it wonderful whenever you play. Let’s start your game now and experience more!

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