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About Generals:

Do you like to play Multiplayer Strategy games? will be a good choice for you and it will even test your strategic skill through a lot of in-game challenges. At first, you are provided with a small base that is very weak and doesn’t have a protection yet. You must build up a lot of blocks, then place them around your realm. All those blocks will keep your base safe from the incoming assaults of the enemies. Defending your territory is a must, but killing the opponents is kind of important as well. You have to use your strategies and abilities carefully, block their way, stop them from assaulting you. Once they get defeated, you can start taking over their lands, which will expand your own territory. Having a larger realm will make you stronger, then you can gradually work your way up the leaderboard. Are you ready for this? Enjoy the game now! Good luck!


Arrow keys, or mouse or WASD are used for moving. Deselect with spacebar, remove the queued moves with key Q, cancel all the previous moves with key E.

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