Game of Boms

How To Play: Use arrow keys or keys WASD to control your player Press spacebar to place your bombs

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About Game of Boms

Game of Boms

Here comes another cool Multiplayer game that you must check out! Game of Boms will be the next awesome game online that will keep you addicted for sure. In the game, you will be put in the shoes of a tiny guy who will move around the map trying to blast all other disturbing things, especially other skilled opponents in order to get more points. Blowing up all people is your main goal here, and also, you are supposed to gather more power-ups or bonuses to get a lot of points. You may get confused a bit at the early stage, but surely you will keep pace with it if you advance the game. The most awesome thing you can get is to collect discrepant bonuses; you certainly want to know what powerful skill that bonus can bring to you. Are you ready? Join the game now and create wonderful performances! Good luck!

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