How To Play: Control the zombie around the map with keys WASD. Fire enemies by using LMB, and shoot backward with RMB. Change the weapons with your mouse wheel scroll.

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Crowd City


Play as an evil zombie in a fun browser-based Multiplayer game called now! In the game, you have to roam around the arena carefully searching for your food. The more you eat, the stronger you are. However, it’s inevitable for you to meet enemies on your way. Nobody will kind to each other! You have to see them as the target that needs to be removed. Hence, you must use your abilities and strategies to take them out first before they get you eliminated. By utilizing a bunch of strong weapons wisely, the enemies will die instantly. There will be some fierce battles that happen between you and the foes. Your health will be decreased during the fights, so you should regain it as fast as possible by absorbing more food. Don’t let any zombies take the upper hand! You have to kill them all first, increase your scores to move up to the top of the leaderboard.

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