How To Play: Control your character around the arena by using the mouse. Press key W for releasing some mass, and use key E to utilize power-ups.

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Crowd City


Let’s play online to perform your surviving skills. Following the success of game, this new one also keeps you addicted, gives you a lot of challenges, amazing features and much more. At first, you are just a small character trying to increase your size by eating as many food orbs as possible. You roam around the arena carefully like a pro, hunt for your food and swallow all of them. On your way, you will bump into some bigger enemies and smaller ones. You can only kill the smaller while dodging the bigger. The more enemies you eat, the larger you will become. Also, you should collect more power-ups to boost your strength, especially when you’re getting stronger. The game allows you to team up with your friends, so you can work with them properly to take out the enemies faster. Your only goal is to climb the leaderboard. Have fun!

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