How To Play: Use the mouse to take control of your blob, and throw the balls at enemies by clicking left mouse button.

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About game implements a similar concept to game. So give this new 2D Shooter IO game a try to experience new challenges now! The game puts you in a blob that has to move around the arena to pick up a bunch of smaller generated blobs. Doing so will help you grow your size and you will become stronger than ever. There is one different point about the game, instead of killing the enemies by swallowing them just like what you did in, now, you have to collect a ball then throw it at your rival. So, besides eating foods, you have to hold a ball as well! When you have gained a large amount of mass, you will be able to shoot a lot of balls at the enemies, but this will make your size decrease a bit. Make sure you will dodge the balls of your rivals. Getting hit will totally end your life instantly! Try to kill as many enemies as possible because this will gradually take you to the top rank on the leaderboard. Have fun!

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