How To Play: Use arrow keys or keys WASD for the movement Aim and shoot at opponents with the mouse

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About Diep.io


Engage in a brutal playfield that is full of tanks! Diep.io game is a new multiplayer tank game online giving you a chance to practice and prove your shooting skills. In the game, you will direct a small tank and your mission is to move around the map to annihilate the opponent tanks controlled by real players. There are various obstacles in the game; they are triangles, blocks that you must destroy no matter what. While moving, make sure your tank can dodge the bullets of the enemies. If you hit them too much, your health bar will be reduced and cause your game to come to a failure soon. Try to keep your tank upgraded and level it up to develop your power. Don’t forget to evolve your tank into other different types of tank. The more you shoot, the higher your score will be! Are you ready? Enjoy Diepio game now!

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