How To Play: The mouse is used for controlling your creature, tap spacebar to accelerate.

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Crowd City


The ocean in game is now full of creatures controlled by real players from across the world. Dive into this vast ocean to begin your challenges now. When you spawn, you will take control of your creature around the map finding the smaller creatures or other scattered foods, then go eat them up for developing your food chain to the max. Hunting for the enemies is a crucial task, but you should keep an eye on the surroundings while moving, especially the bigger creatures that always see you as their food. Try to run away from them faster, and avoid getting eaten! You can only fight them back after getting evolved into a stronger creature through filling up the XP bar. Your objectives are to survive, rank up and take the dominance of the whole arena. Let’s engage in this iO game now then see if you are a king of the ocean or not. Good luck!

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