How To Play: Shoot at enemies with the left mouse button, and direct your tank with the right mouse button.

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About Dattank


Be a tank controller in a challenging Multiplayer game called Dattank. The game has four teams, and you will become a member of one team then start your challenges. Direct your tank cleverly and wander around the map as you try to get rid of all enemy tanks that come in your way. Just show no mercy to any enemies, quickly slay them all and defend your tank all the time. Always stay beside your team, and you guys should support each other when dealing with tough opponents. Your tactics are really important, and you need to use them wisely to get an edge over the enemies and lead your team to the glory. No need to worry when you don’t have much health and ammo left, just freely go snatch up some extra packs around the map. They will help regain your energy and bullets. Try to stay alive longer and become the best controller tank ever.

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