How To Play: Use the left/right arrow keys to control your snake in the game.

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Crowd City


Become a skilled snake in game now! This is another famous and nice Multiplayer game in the iO games series. As a little snake, you have to move through a map full of dangers and try to get rid of the enemy snakes as soon as possible. On your way, you will see a lot of walls and trails of other snakes. If you collide with any of them, your game will come to an end immediately. Always keep your snake safe and let it survive longer to rank up on the leaderboard. The power-ups can assist you to kill the foes properly, so feel free to grab and use them to your advantage. You can lure the opponent snakes to crash into your body or your trail, and this is a good way that helps you remove them from the screen, but it will take some practices, and sometimes you may find it risky to do that. So, be considerate before using that way. Enjoy the game now!

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