How To Play: Use left/right arrow keys to control your curves.

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About Curvefever


Curvefever is another awesome and interesting browser-based multiplayer game. The game will center on how you take control of your curves. Your game will start after the countdown, and the dot is the starting of your curve. The game objective is to take control of your curves and try to move it around the map. There are some of the curves that create many holes; you can traverse them easily. But you mustn’t crash into yourself, the borders and other players; you will be destroyed if that accidentally happens. Also, there are some of the power-ups scattering around the playfield; you should use them to your advantage and remember that they have limited time for using. There is a timer showing time for you, be sure to have a look at it! You will get more points whenever there is a player dying in front of you. Try to reach a certain amount of points first to become the winner.

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