How To Play: Interact with objects, choose tools, colors and create your works by utilizing the mouse.

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Crowd City


Prepare yourself to get into the world of pixels in an awesome Multiplayer game called Once joining, you will be able to show off your creativity through making a lot of your preferred things by using the pixels. Choose a nice color then start to fill some pixel blocks with that color. Keep doing so until you complete your “work of art”. But, make sure that other opponents won’t fill your pixel blocks with a different color, or else they will soon destroy your work. Keep it well protected so you can play the game longer. If you want to become a mean player, you can go demolish other opponents’ works, make sure you do that without them knowing. In the world of, there is no limit for the creations, so you can freely make anything you want and show your works to the whole world. Let’s give it a try now!

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