How To Play: Use the mouse to move your character around. Click left mouse to shoot, click right mouse or use spacebar to make a speed boost.

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About Celestia.io


Celestia.io is an exclusive and fascinating Agar.io-styled 2D Shooter IO game that lets you control a planet-like character around the map to consume a bunch of food orbs for your growth. Basically, the concept of the game is very familiar and simplistic. You need to stay focused on eating and surviving so you can gain the dominance in this arena. There will be plenty of opponents doing the same mission. So, you have to stay away from the bigger ones that are always looking you as their food, while you can feel free to shoot the smaller ones which will give you more food and help you grow up faster. Try to inflict damage on them, kill them all and make them blow up in a supernova. Just quickly make a great escape away from deadly players when you can’t handle them. You can speed up your character when you want, but to do so, you have to throw out some mass. Are you ready? Play it now!

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