How To Play: Move your car around the arena using the mouse. You can release your flail by clicking LMB and attach it back to your car by clicking the mouse again.

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About puts you in a dangerous arena filled with vehicles and enemies. Try this awesome IO game now to perform your abilities! In the game, you have to control your car with a flail around the playfield to slay all your enemies and get to the top rank on the leaderboard as fast as possible. You can release your flail to kill the rivals and get it back to your car easily. However, it’s much better if you prepare your own smart tactics in order to deal with your opponents as they are very cunning and aggressive. Trust no one! Show no mercy to the enemies and use your strategies wisely to get an edge over them. You can make them crash into a wall, ambush them with your deadly assaults, get them in the center of your car and flail to kill them more easily. The more enemies you destroy, the faster you increase your rank on the scoreboard. Make sure you stay watchful for a black hole as it can consume you if you get close to it. Good luck!

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