How To Play: Use keys WASD or arrow keys to control your zombie or human being.

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Crowd City


The battle between zombies and humans is always fun yet fierce! Join right now and begin a fight with lots of players from around the world. You can become either a zombie or human in this Multiplayer iO game, and each of role has a different mission. The zombie has to go chase other humans, kill them fast then tag them so they can engage in your team. But, if you are a human, you need to do whatever it takes to protect yourself from the zombies. Try to go find a good shelter and cover up yourself so they won’t be able to tag you. Getting infected by the zombies will make your game over. At the end of the round, a team that has more members than the rival team does will become the ultimate winner. So, whichever you become, make sure your team outnumbers the opponents! Wish you luck!

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