Bomber Arena

How To Play: Use keys WASD to direct your Bomberman. Plant the bombs with spacebar.  

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About Bomber Arena

Bomber Arena

Bomber Arena is a Multiplayer game in iO game series. Join it now and say hi to new players from across the world. You take on a role of a Bomberman trying to increase your rank on the scoreboard. Wander around the map carefully and use your unlimited bombs to make all enemies blow up. However, the first thing you should do is to break some walls by placing your explosives. Doing so will make your pathway more extensive, and you can collect a lot of power-ups dropped by the damaged walls. When you are closer to a certain enemy, you should quickly block his way by planting your bombs. Trap him well and then he will be exploded! This is a good way you should follow to kill the rivals more quickly. There will be lots of impediments that hamper your way. Try to get past all of them and protect yourself all the time. Have fun!

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