How To Play: Scroll the camera by using arrow keys or WASD, and use the mouse for placing the buildings.

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Crowd City

About is a challenging Multiplayer Strategy game in which you have to protect your own kingdom from the invasion and the attack of the enemies. To prevent them from striking your territory, you should quickly place 7 types of buildings around the realm carefully, like snipers, turrets, walls, barracks, houses, generators and armories. These buildings assist you in dealing with the attacks from the opponent, and keep your realm safe all the time. You should gain a lot of power so that you can upgrade the buildings more frequently to reinforce their strength. Keep making your territory larger and larger to overwhelm the opponents and make them fear you. The most important thing here is that you should prepare your tactics and skills in advance. The battle will get tougher and the enemies will become stronger through over time. Just don’t let them get an edge over you, or it will be hard for you to survive. Good luck!

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