How To Play: Direct your character by using the mouse, click left mouse button or key W to fire. Tap spacebar for running, and press key E for toggling the auto fire.

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Crowd City


Move around an arena full of fun creatures in which is a great Multiplayer browser-based game. In this iO game, you take on a role of a character who is able to shoot bullets from his mouth. As a small creature, you have to attempt to develop your size by eating as many dead fragments of other killed opponents. The more you eat, the bigger you are, which gives you more advantages to take out the enemies. Around the map are some deadly spinning saws that surely decrease your health if you touch them. So, make sure you stay away from them and try your hardest to push the opponents into those saws. That’s the way you kill them, or if you are a smart player, you can set your traps, or place some mines and lure the enemies into them. But make sure you are good at it! Your goal is to get crowned and gain the control of the map. Have fun!

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