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About Biome3D:

Biome3D is a kind of Multiplayer game taking you to a unique 3D arena filled with blobs. You take on a role of a small blob moving around the map to eat up many other blobs and smaller enemies in order to increase your size. This gameplay sounds similar to, but the biggest different point is that it has a 3D background with amazing graphics. You will have to roam around cleverly and be sure to stay away from the bigger enemy blobs controlled by real players. They will swallow you and kill you instantly when you’re in their sight. Keep eating other blobs until you get larger and larger, then you can go chase the giant blobs! In Biome3D, you will be able to split your blob and throw out some mass when you’re at a big size. Try your hardest to stay alive longer and rank up on the leaderboard. Wish you luck!


Use the mouse to direct your blob. Tap spacebar to divide it, use arrow keys or keys WASD for moving the camera.

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