How To Play: The mouse is used for interacting with objects, create your units with key 0, and scroll the camera with arrow keys or keys WASD.

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Here comes an awesome Multiplayer Strategy game with many challenges! Feel free to join and test your strategic skills now! In the game, you and your opponents will battle against each other to see who will gain the dominance of the whole map. You will kick things off with the seizure of the empty territories on the map, and you must do this as fast as possible, or else you will get eliminated by the enemies. The game features a function called “military power”, and you can use it to go take over other realms, even taking down your opponents. Keep trying to click “+1 MP” then you will have a lot of MP which will boost your strength and make you even stronger. Capturing more star bases will help you purchase a lot of units. Once your units are large, other enemies will be scared of you, and you can totally defeat them easily. Are you ready? Play the game now!

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