How To Play: Control your character by using the mouse. Click left mouse button to swing your hammer.

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Crowd City


Looking for a way to release your rage, your stress? Playing will be a great choice for you, especially if you are a big fan of Multiplayer iO games. Feel free to engage in the game now to experience awesome challenges and meet new friends. You will direct your character and try to swing the hammer carefully to go bash other opponents. Keep an eye on the surroundings since the enemies will also bash and kill you two with their strong hammer. Make sure you elude all the attacks from them and survive longer in this fierce arena. When you see a foe die in front of you, you should quickly grab the coins dropped by that dead enemy. The more coins you collect, the stronger you are. Try to increase your rank on the leaderboard and become the best basher ever! Let’s join the game now and take this chance to prove your excellent skills.

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