How To Play: Use the mouse or arrow keys or WASD to control your archer. Click LMB for shooting at enemies.

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Let’s test your bow-and-arrow skill in which is an amazing and highly addictive 2D Shooter IO game! You will become an archer who will play against so many tough opponents from around the world. As an archer, you have to make your way through a vast arena filled with dangers. Try to aim and shoot down your rivals from afar to level up yourself and you can upgrade your stats too, such as max health, arrow damage, max arrow skill, attack speed and so on. With the upgraded stats and higher levels, you will be able to take out your enemies more easily as well as efficiently. There are some bears wandering around the map, so make sure you shoot them too to increase your level faster. When you can’t deal with the arrows of your enemies, you can cover up yourself by using several flower bushes around the playfield. Don’t forget to pick up colored gems then use them to your advantage. The game goal is to reach the top rank on the leaderboard. Have fun!

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