How To Play: Control your character by using keys WASD, and tap spacebar to speed up.

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Crowd City


Are you up for a new browser-based iO game called Lots of challenges await you ahead and you’re going to experience a lot of fierce battles between you and other opponents. In this Multiplayer game, you play as a cube character trying to eat many scattering apples in order to develop your mass and size, which increases a chance of survival too. Your strength can only be reinforced if you have a higher mass, so you must eat more foods repeatedly and make sure you defend yourself from other larger opponents. You won’t be able to fight them off while you’re still weaker, so running away from or dodging them is a must. Keep an eye on other mushrooms because they will harm your health and cause you to be destroyed. In the arena, the player who has 1000 points first will dominate and win. Will you be that one? Check it out now!

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