Agario 3D

How To Play: Use arrow keys or keys WASD to direct the camera Tap spacebar to divide, use the mouse for moving

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About Agario 3D

Agario 3D 3D promises to bring players awesome experience, and a bunch of amazing features. If you want to enjoy another type of game, then this multiplayer game can suit your desire! The game features nice 3D graphics and it will take you to a brand new playfield. You will take control of your character that is like a fish and then help it develop its mass. Roam around the map and try to tackle with all dangers around. You need to absorb the tiny pellets as much as you can to grow up faster. However, you must be aware of the bigger enemies, stay away from them when you are still small, or else they can destroy you in an easy way. When you get larger, you can start fighting them back or even go chase them then swallow them if you want. Are you ready? Take a chance and join Agario 3D game now! Good luck!

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