How To Play: Use the mouse to move your cell Press spacebar to split your cell

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About Agario


Play online to prove your surviving skill now! This browser-based multiplayer game is very popular and addictive. You will play as a tiny cell and start roaming around the map to search for colorful food then eat as much as you want to become bigger and develop your mass. But this food quest is very tough since there are so many opponent cells around. They are controlled by real players, and they can eat you up anytime, especially the larger and giant ones. Hence, you need to stay away from the giant cells and don’t let them catch you, otherwise, you will get eaten for sure. Once you grow up, you can chase them back if you want! Also, in Agario game, when you have enough mass or obtain a big amount of mass, you can split your cell into pieces and or eject your mass if you want. Alright, let’s join the game now and experience all challenges!

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