How To Play: Use the mouse to control your blob. Press key W to drop some mass and spacebar to divide yourself.

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Crowd City

About is one of the popular browser-based iO games online that lets you take on a role of a small blob moving around the map for finding a lot of colorful cells. You have to eat those cells as much as possible so you can grow up and get larger through over time. The generated cells are scattering around the map, hence, you have to move around cleverly since it’s easy for you to come across the opponent blobs directed by real players. You can go chase the smaller blobs and eat them up to develop yourself faster. But if you are near any bigger blobs, you must instantly get out of their sight and keep your blob away from them, or else you will get eaten! Once you earn a lot of mass, you can release some or split your main blob into many smaller pieces. Try to survive longer and climb the leaderboard!

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