How To Play: Use key W to move and shoot, and use the mouse to steer your moon.

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Crowd City

About is an awesome yet difficult Multiplayer iO game that puts you in a galaxy full of shapes, moons, and dangers. You play as the moon trying to move around to collect green foods and eat them up to get larger. While flying around, you need to stay away from the large holes if you want to survive longer. Any collision with the holes will cause your game to be over instantly. But this is inevitable to happen since the moon controlling is so hard! You have to steer it cleverly and make it move at a proper speed. In addition, you should stay watchful for other enemies who are doing the same mission. They won’t be hesitant to get rid of you. Therefore, defending your moon is a must! Try to eat more foods to become bigger gradually take the dominance of the arena. Keep practicing your controlling skill in the game until you master it! Good luck!

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