How To Play: Move your bubble boat around using the mouse. Use the left mouse button for throwing the hook at your rivals. If you want to speed up, just click the right mouse button to do so.

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Give game a try right now and begin to vanquish all tough challenges now! This is one of the most fun-addicting IO games you shouldn’t miss. The game lets you freely roam around a large map with your own colored bubble boat and start collecting as many spawning orbs as possible. This is one of the two ways for you to grow your bubble size, and the other way is that you have to use your hook to kill the enemies, then, quickly snatch up their dead remains. Stealing the remains of your opponents will help you get larger faster than collecting the generated orbs. But you combine these two ways and try to become the big powerful bubble boat. Make sure you elude the hooks of other enemies, especially the ones that are way larger than you. Your main objective is to climb your way up the leaderboard to rule the entire arena!

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