How To Play: Use the mouse to jump around the arena to eat pies and attack enemies.

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About Pie.ai


Pie.ai game is similar to Agar.io, but it’s still worthy of trying! In this IO game, you have to perform your jumping skills to complete your given objects and assault other enemies. The entire arena is full of pies, so you must jump to eat all of them as well as try your hardest to defeat other opponents. The more of them you kill, the more skill points you will earn, which helps develop your strength with armor. Stay watchful for the AI drones that keep chasing you! They won’t be hesitant to release deadly cherry bombs in order to destroy you. If you stand in the red jam, it will be a doom for you. When you don’t have much energy, you should absorb a healing pie then jump right into the hole for regaining the energy. Others can eat you up if you stay at low energy! Start your challenges now!

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