How To Play: View around the map using WASD. Click the left mouse to buy and place units, use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom in or out of the map.

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Crowd City
Grab Them by The Eyes Hacked


Give a shot to a great Strategy game called! This is one of the best real-time strategy games allowing you to discover, expand, exploit as well as slay multiple enemies in the same big arena. But first, you will need to generate farms to collect money for your coffers, and once you have earned a good amount of income, you can use the money to power up and fund your empire. In addition, you should recruit more units, such as spearmen, soldiers, knights and so forth, then keep them upgraded over time. Don’t forget to construct some forts to defend your land from the incoming attacks dished out by enemies. You should send out your units into the fight carefully, let them crush your opponents and destroy their castles. At the same time, you’d better expand your empire! The goal here is to become the best empire of all! Good luck to you!

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